Website Design to Grow Small Businesses in St. Louis.

The SprkSEM web design agency works exclusively with St. Louis small businesses. We are skilled at designing modern websites that drive traffic and are optimized for conversions. Read more to learn how our SEO-driven design strategy can help your business grow.

Wordpress Development

WordPress Development

Not all websites are created equal. It is our job to find the best platforms, plugins, hosts, and strategies to build our customers the best performing sites. At SprkSEM we exclusively use WordPress to build beautiful, high-converting sites.

WordPress sites consistently outperform sites built on platforms such as Wix or Squarespace. The platform offers more utility and is easy to use. The main reason we choose to use WordPress is its ability to outrank all other site builders in search results.

SEO-Driven Website Design

Most web design agencies are skilled at building beautiful websites that show off their creative talents. At SprkSEM, our focus is different. We want to build sites that perform, so we start with a foundation of strong search engine optimization (SEO).

Combining a modern design with SEO best practices is the best way to outrank your competition and give your small business the advantage it deserves.

SEO Web Design

SprkSEM Web Design Services

Website Creation

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Website Creation

Let us build your business a beautiful website that ranks. Our website designers are also experts in technical design that allows us to outperform other local web design agencies.


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SprkSEM offers ongoing SEO services to make sure you continue to improve your search results month after month. SEO is a long-term strategy and shouldn’t stop at the design stage.

Website Hosting

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Website Hosting

Every decision can impact your website performance, even where you host your site. We work exclusively with providers who are proven to have the lowest downtime and fastest load speeds.


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Copywriting is essential to creating a website that converts. We are here to help you create copy that sends a clear message, serves your SEO needs, and is written for conversions.

SprkSEM’s Web Design Agency

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to website design. Every business is unique, and web design services should be individualized as well. Most web design agencies are so focused on the visuals, they forget what is important, performance. At SprkSEM, we pride ourselves on our ability to balance the art and science of web design. Let us walk you through the exciting steps of creating a high-performance website.

To get the conversation started, schedule your free strategy call by filling out the form below. The purpose of this call is to see how well one of our design plans fit your goals. We can also help you understand that not all web design strategies are created equal.

Contact us to schedule a free strategy call and spark life back into your marketing!

Contact us to schedule a free strategy call and spark life back into your marketing!

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